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Gordon Is Our Man To Put The "great" Back In Great Depression!

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As the economy sags at its knees and the Labour party wheezingly draws its dying breath, we can all be glad of one thing - our glorious Prime Minister!

I have to hand it to Gordon Brown, he has single-handedly managed to unite the nation - people from all races, colours and creeds, from all across the UK, across all class and political divides. There is one thing that people agree on - they all hate him and think he's utterly inept!

I never realised this, but actually having such a useless oaf as PM does have some advantages. Whereas Tony Blair would divide people Gordon Brown unites - 3 cheers for GB!

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people actions should be at blair not brown.

no way - the man with the financial reigns controls the country.

that has always been brown.

so do we now blame darling - nope, brown has too much influence, darling is a puppet.

blair & brown were mates, and what brown advised, blair would do.

blair got out at the right time and the shit will fall on the person it should - brown.

btw, for the record, blair is a **** too.

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people actions should be at blair not brown.

Brown deserves it in spades. This extract is from his first budget speech, made on Wednesday 2 July, 1997:

For most people the acquisition of a house is the biggest single investment they will make. Homeowners rightly expect their investment to be protected by sensible policies pursued by Government. I am determined that as a country we never return to the instability, speculation, and negative equity that characterised the housing market in the 1980s and 1990s.

Volatility is damaging both to the housing market and to the economy as a whole. So stability will be central to our policy to help homeowners. And we must be prepared to take the action necessary to secure it. I will not allow house prices to get out of control and put at risk the sustainability of the recovery.

He ran the Treasury as his own little fiefdom, he should reap what he has sown.

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blair was the leader brown was blairs poodle.


that may have been seen as the case but i'd wager that brown had dreams of grandeur (becoming PM) from the start - he was possibly jealous of his mate blair getting the job.

he could feed blair whatever figures he wanted, and i think that previous post by patrat proves it.

in the wests current society, there is nothing more important than finance, and that was up to brown.

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