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link to top 10 reccommended comments - must still be early days, no one has mentioned buying a house. :lol:

some funnies amongst the seriousness though.

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there are a few like this:

Added: Friday, 11 July, 2008, 10:19 GMT 11:19 UK

£15,000 in debt for a degree, and ending up in a run of the mill job.

simon ritchie, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

This will be the next big blow up when the sheeple realise that they have been conned into worthless degrees and huge debts. The cake is only so big!

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I' m amazed nobody has mention housing, either buying at the last peak in 89 / 90, or not buying in 95 /96.

Mine, is definately not buying in '96.

It still would have been a struggle back then as I had little savings and a lower income.

But seriously I could probably be mortgage free by now, and I have freinds of a similar age (35) that are !!

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