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Are You Getting Tired Of Pointless Polls?

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i blame gordon Brown, and Darling, if they didnt say that 4% wasnt the best, and then it all went the way of the VI's the BTLers and the FTBer wouldnt be FUBAR'd.

but the US and the FED say HBOS and RBS are secure and the STR people are laughing all the way with teir APR set low.


its an itneresting point that can only be turely seen after the BoE cut the rate lower than it has been, but keep it higher than it will be. im not sure that NR could cope with another blow


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Guest Mr Parry
Apologies M. Parry! Wasn't ignoring you promise.

It stands for Read The Frikkin Article!

I would, but my internet connection is slow. I'm in the middle of the jungle.

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Been playing with google docs and live data. In theory you could monitor this page and read the poll result into a graph in realtime or whenever it's refreshed.


Doesn't work for me though.


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Unless the result becomes instant (& retrospective) law, & anyone less intelligent than me is banned from votin.....

then what is the point?

Psst:- Can admin tell who voted?

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