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stayed up till 4 o clock this morning, i m pretty tired, my mind been bogling from what i read last morning. BOY WE ARE IN S H IT , BIG BIG BIG S H IT.Been looking at the dow jones industrial index in 1900 dow was on high 40s it rose to nearly 400 in 1929 falling back to 40s by mid 1932 it lost 93% in less than 3 years, and then rose back to 190s later in the 30s, so thats 9times down and 4 times up. in 1930 wages stopped americans did not earn 1930s pay again until 1943 wow, a usa house in 1931 was $600 the bottom was 515$ in 1934 thats only14 % , remember no one had an owned house unless you were a mcc, so the most the dow ever rose in % terms was mid 32 to about 36 it rose 400 % but this is off worst and biggest lows ever, you would suspect some up off such a low surely, no i move on to the dow after ww2 we move to jan 1951 dow was on 240 and start looking at in decades. in jan 1961the dow read 630 thats 266% return over 10 years , off still lowish depressed markets, it takes over 30 years before people forget or were not born, so we see that in jan 1971 the dow read 850 a modest 14% over 10 years, then to jan 1981 when it read 1, 000 a 17% increase over decade, so dow from jan 1961 to jan 1981 only increased 58% over 20 years, from 630 to 1000. now gets time to s h i t your pants m8, ronald reagun the man who ran the world. 14 year old children are not fooled , this man could not have a wee without assistance, so the most independant country in the whole world is ran by a man with alzheimia s , so there is no nwo , reaguns m8s ran us when i was a boy why it changed today. ok jan 1981 dow was 1,000 and in jan 1991 it was 2365 thats 236% over 10 years and in jan 2001 it was 10940 just like today it went up 462% over 10 years so as a said dow from jan 61 to jan 81 the dow went up 58% in 20 years but from jan 1981 to jan 2001 it went up 1094% yes 1094% and you boys and girls still trying to make money out of this today, i ant no doom and gloom merchant , im syd james in the carry on cowboy, hiding in the sewers taking pops out of the fed and his sheriff, i can add up even if i dont do grammer to hot, before you lecture me about it , i know one sentance of scots, dinne fash yurself, stay calm, right the dow by my guessing is going well south of 7,000 easy probably to less easy, lump on , eg oil was $60 a barell shell was £20 . 30 now oil $145 and shell £19.15 you see shell linked to banks not oil price, now how many gamblers left, leveridge the word,in this game bud,leveridge yourself with any commodity out there, fags ,booze etc etc,,,, gold silver oil anythin if you don t your fu c ked, if you want the house s h it in 2008 then get a mortgage and buy gold up 40% this year and every bl oody year, until they stop printing , which they will not, dont see the deflation arguement, taxi cant pass on costs but he aint put them down, this 1929 today assume 26 th july as d day, then my grandad was at slough and playing for eton at cricket only non knob. so if you do 1929 shares and all bull runs are bull before 2012 think 5 year resets, interest flip mortgages, in 2012 youll lose but will not have to claw much back youll be near bottom and people will agree , stocks for 2013 houses well maybe never, the dead knew the score , the young will very soon know the score, its just us d i ck heads in the middle, one horsey housy person dies, and a renter or squater or tent city specialist is born, im not pi ss ing you about a cannabis tax, let me save your school at least, why you frightened , it make jah tink, , if d d ay my 40th then share buying day is 14 th january 1933, thats a gap of 1289 days, i stick my hat in the ring to say if your a venture vulture wait 1289 days and start buying shares. 14th jan 1933 walsall 2 arsensal 0 the biggest upset ever, i add bits to it ,the words are c r ap but the numbers do not lie, id give you the gold and 1289 day tip much more confidently than one of my horse tips i never give horse tips, i just bet on what i think , but the form of this race is far out they give evens on it going down wow its not 50 50 its long odds on, long long odds on, many of you never even reply to my mad rants , im in off topic, this goes further than housing, whose going to stop the nukes, i ant f u ckin solomon, or solomon league lol im essex till i die, im the odd one out in essex yorkshire and norfolk so what, im a firm believer cricket teaches you more than school, i take back im arragant , mohammed ali not arragant boycott not arragant they both had it m8, arragant is when your middle class full of it and very shallow underneath, mcc lol, im intense make no bones , but not arragant , i answer my own posts lol, my tip for ftse start buying it when gold is £1,250 and the ftse is about 2,000 . REMEMBER WHY WE ARE IN THIS PLACE BECAUSE OIL AINT RUNNING OUT YET WILL SOON , BUT MONEY IS WORTH ZILCH CAUSE THEY KEEP PRINTING IT AND ARE NOT GOING TO STOP.

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