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Ft Prices Out

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Jun-07 £224,716 0.9

Jul-07 £225,602 0.4

Aug-07 £227,462 0.8

Sep-07 £229,161 0.7

Oct-07 £230,448 0.6

Nov-07 £230,107 -0.1

Dec-07 £230,370 0.1

Jan-08 £230,756 0.2

Feb-08 £231,709 0.4

Mar-08 £230,884 -0.4

Apr-08 £230,198 -0.3

May-08 £228,632 -0.7

Jun-08 £227,344 -0.6

Looks like it will finally go yoy negative in the next few months. Even if the index doesn't fall it will go negative in august.

Does this one include auction sales or not, I can't remember?

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That comment annoyed me so much I had to email to them.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Your latest house price report for the Financial Times includes the following statement:

"The market slowdown continues to gather momentum, spurred on by continuing contraction of the mortgage market and falling confidence fuelled by a media focus upon the ‘bad’ news. This is despite the strong fundamentals that underpin the market."

I would be grateful if you could indicate exactly what are the strong fundamentals that apparently underpin the housing market. I refer you to the following graph from the Daily Telegraph Web site, which is based on a more forward-looking data set than the Land Registry.


This graph shows that after only eight months from the peak, prices as measured by mortgage approvals have now dropped to a level that took over three years to reach during the 1990s crash.

Please could you explain why, if the fundamentals are indeed so strong, the housing market is declining at a rate not seen since the Great Depression.

I await your response with interest.

Yours faithfully,


I'll post the reply (if I get one)

<Read receipt ON>

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Guest Winnie

There is a widely held myth out there that the FT is "the most impartial. objective newspaper".

This is well wide of the mark. The editor is rampantly in denial on HP and the news reporting is fundamentally bull-biased (aka bulsh*t"). Only some of the commenattors like Munchau and others are worth reading.THE FT may have been independent in times past. Now it is just an extended organ of the blackmailing patrimony of the City.

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