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Ftse Back Down

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After yesterday's rally, the bulls must have been re-assured. Currently, the FTSE 100 is down 122.8, which is 20% down on the 52-wk peak. We are back in the Bear Market Zone :)

do they know something we dont.....
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FTSE has just fallen to a new 52 week low, according to Yahoo.


Index Value: 5,319.60

Trade Time: 12:14PM

Change: Down 87.20 (1.61%)

Prev Close: 5,406.80

Open: 5,406.80

Day's Range: 5,319.60 - 5,461.80

52wk Range: 5,338.70 - 6,610.90

I was just about to post a black friday thread, but you got there before me.

Dow futures are down as well. Is the market spooked by all the talk of a potential collapse in Fannie?

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Does anyone else find this article bizarre? It seems the FTSE went up initially this morning because it's been revealed that the US governemnt is planning to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I'd have thougt the fact they may be in serious trouble would be a cause for huge concern not relief.

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To add to the prostitute analogy the FTSE 100 seems to had more ups and downs than a whore's proverbials lately - and swings of a 100+ each day...some must be making bags of cash!

However, the overall trend does seem to be downwards and 5,000 doesn't seem too far off now. Will it be breached and if so how soon?



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No. The supply of prostitutes remains strong.

Why pay , when you can do the hand shuffle with Mrs Palm and her five daughters for free , should the need arise .

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Every year, around Christmas/New Year, the Saturday Telegraph prints the opinions of loads of financial 'experts' (sic) who are asked where they think the FTSE will end up in a year's time.

I'd like to see their predictions printed again now - half way through the year.

4000 by Christmas?

Some of the experts were predicting new all time highs - over 7000 - if memory serves.

Why aren't they sacked. Useless tosspots each and every one of them.

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