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Sandbanks Residents Outraged As Gipsies Set Up Camp Next To Millionaires' Row

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The Swiss have a solution to the problem. If your car has an outstanding ticket and you are caught in Switzerland again it is impounded (ok the Cantons of Geneva and Lausanne only do this after you have 3 outstanding fines). I bet most of these scofflaw tinkers are repeat offenders.

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Are you asking me to provide a link that says " All children under 16 must be educated by law which is punishable by prison if the parent dont comply?"

Surely not ?

He's probably asking you to provide a link that supports your rather more far reaching suggestion that gypsies would have the right to turn up at the nearest private school.

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I walked through the carpark and their caravans (which must cost £60K+) were parked across 3 parking bays. I rang the council about the Gypos and had a long chat with a "parking supervisor". I was asking why they were allowed to remain there for so long, when the parking notice says " No caravans, no overnight sleeping and no cooking.

I was told that the council visited the site daily with the Police and any vehicle not displaying a valid ticket was issued with a parking fine. I advised them that they may be checking motor vehicles, but what about the caravans? This seemed to confuse them as they could not give me a reply.

I asked to be passed up the line until someone could answer my question. I got a statement supplied by a Director's secretary which stated that vehicles without a valid ticket were issued with a relevant parking fine, however as the offending vehicles are registered on Eire plates, The council is unable to persue non payment as the DVLA does not have a recipricol arrangement with EIRE to divulge drivers details. THEREFORE A POINTLESS EXERCISE>

But this was not my question, my question was what about the caravans? If I parked my vehicle across 3 parking bays with no valid ticket, would the council leave my vehicle alone for 10 days? Guess what, I am still waiting for a reply, and yet today the leaders of the council today voted themselves a 67% pay increase. Outrageous?, no bloody disgusting

UPDATE- 2 letters to Chief Exec (John McBride), passed to "Strategic Director", then to "Corporate Complaints Officer" and then to another "Strategic Director" Still waiting :angry: I rang Chief Exec's PA to ask why he does not deal with my letter as he was the person I wrote to in the first instance. Reply- " It does not work like that, he can't reply to my letter it has to be the specific Director!!!!!!" I told her there is a big difference between "can't" and " won't"

2 months later- Still waiting for a reply, Wait til the Echo get hold of this !!!!!!!

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Guess what, I am still waiting for a reply, and yet today the leaders of the council today voted themselves a 67% pay increase. Outrageous?, no bloody disgusting

Probably invested their money in Iceland tee hee. Maybe there is a council "reshuffle" going on....? maybe they may start maintaining all the trees they insist on TPO'ing and making peoples lives a misery living in darkness.... maybe pigs will fly :lol::lol:

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