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stop talking guff britons, you been printing so much money its all gone tits up , unless they print shit loads more your houses are going to be worth zilch, but you re alright jack,seeing you were so alright jack , why shoud anybody be bothered now to come bail you out, britins keep taking it, turnover is ******** people, if you gave me a job now at 15 hours a day and paid me £2 an hour then my turnover woud probably be higher than paying me £6 an hour for 8 hours work. no people you work for a profit not you r blo ody turnover, good luck leaving england, this aint a recession its far worse you numpties, could nt happen to a cleverer bunch of people, jfk not my hero, but did nt he say about i wish i had not listened to the experts, what goes around comes around, 1 PAY YOUR DEBTS 2 GO TO PRISON 3 FIGHT FOR THEM IN THEIR ARMY IN SAY IRAN, IM GLAD IM HEAD STRONG , BE WARNED. YOU CAN TALK ALL THE **** U LIKE BUT YOU NEVER MENTION MONEY PRINTING , ARE YOU FICK LIKE ME.

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quote from the daily reckoning today gold and the dow will probably come together somewhere north of 3,000 bloo dy hope he means dollars and not pounds , ESSEX make their way to 2nd finals in 3 days they won 2 titles 1979 o mg

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