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What Sort Of Plastic Is Used To Make Debit Cards?

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** No, I'm not intending to make my own debit cards ** ;)

I'm messing about creating an adjustable bounce card for my Nikon flash unit, and I've found that bank / library cards make the perfect surface that I need to mount things on.

My first effort is very effective but hideously ugly, and I've now run out of old cards to use. Does anyoen know what sort of plastic is used for bank / library / membership cards, and where I can buy some?


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Any Idea what type of Paper is used to make Money ?

I am not thinking of making any, but I would like to make a papier mache face by inflation a balloon and covering it in money type paper.

Its important that it has the watermark, and the silver strip threaded in it.

Also anyone know what type of ink they use for money, as I would like to paint my new face in Blue and Gold Colours ?

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