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If I Make You Some Dosh Can I Have A Smoke Please


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good day ESSEX IN THE FINAL AGAINST THE ENEMY THE 1ST TIME WE MEET IN THE FINAL, i been reading thre blog about builders on drugs, this one has been going for decades, builders get paid and the boss has a big bag of coke and a big bag of notes, builders who are grandads been telling me that one from the seventies, maxwell i love the quote about informed , look everybody knows somebody on drugs in 2008, all my m8s keep telling me they have not shut the coffee shops down in amsterdam , WELL THEY MIGHT AS WELL HAVE, a builder selling drugs to his workforce purely makes profit from the drug on a profit basis, a coffee shop in amsterdam will make as much money out of food and coke and tea as it does out of drugs, so if ban people from smoking joints with tobacco in them . this what will happen, you go in coffee shop buy your pot , but you cant smoke it, so instead of buying tea sandwich coke etc, you buy none , leave and go and have a spliff outside, so the coffee shops have no profit, if a business has no profit , unless your a bank you go BUST, so if we check the coffee shops out compared to the banks in 2008, coffeee shops make money, banks and high street shops do not, ill save your f u c king health service , let me bloody try, drugs had its credit cruch fully 12 months before the banks, drugs were run on a lay on basis just like banks, you think the money the banks lent to people was stupid, then take a look at all those drug dealers doing lay ons, talk about sub prime, so in july 2006 the lay on world blew up, the government under gordon wong, formed an alliance with the viet con, in a few years time we will be run by viet con,in 1932 it took 1 year for the mafia to control the fed, 2008 time how long before same happens here, now in 1932 booze was outlawed, in 2008 its pot, so every worker in uk is going backwrds, the mcc is going backwards and im not to sure the english posh r doing to well either, but mr wong and his little friends are making loads out of your children selling them s h it government gear made for mr wong by his little m8s, they came from canada, they started off arresting all the growers of fine english skunk, saying it makes you think , this is dangerous, we dont want thinkers in uk only house sheeps please, denialists r us, look ur ealth service is fu ck ed no money to pay for it, look your country wants to let in only imported poor quality pot from abroad which makes us no money, gordons m8s put glass in your weed, smoke that bud and 90% of smokers do not even no what pot is m8, i know my s h it trust me, so gordons m8 put no glass in your weed now they get loads of dead old seeds and crush em up to add to add profit, im the minority of 1 bud, tell me off about my grammer you tos sers , whats this got to do with houses, well the only person making money out of property in uk in 2008 are gordons m8s growing vietnamese weed, all english growers are knicked but not gordons m8s, now in california things that bad that their no1 cash crop is pot m8 lol, now mr mcc i make more business sense than you, ill prove it, no body knows how much pot is smoked in brittain, billions and billions, not millions and millions, beer is big money is it not, so we need a simple stoner tax , more reliable than stamp duty, now gordon im giving you 2 million votes plus here, all the old grunters the grammer boys are dying getting old, now get out of the way and give us our chance, weve seen you lot **** up, we ve seen redwood and all of etons m8s **** up too, get out of the way, a simple scheme is trying to be made legal in california, GORDON TAKE NOTE, you have stamps, you buy them evey time you buy a smoke, so we cant get rid of prostitution we cant get rid of smoking fags or smoking pot, so they are arguements about tax and nothing else,now these stamps you buy , if you got 3 .5 grammes of pot you pay say £3 for a stamp , if you get knicked with your henry the eighth you walk as long as you got the stamp, now you get to charge punter and dealer wow, im making you money today unlike the rest of the s h it eds with this one bud, you would be getting £24 an ounce from the punter and £24 from dealer £48 an ounce of tax on every single ounce of pot smoked happily in the uk, take it or leave it you know im making sensi lol so tonnes and tonnes of this stuff imported , so i just made the treasury sh it loads, you dumb middle class party pooopes, now give everybody a dole cheque better than helicopter ben , and tax the rich the dole cheque back, then run adverts saying bebefit cheats r cool, explaining they get off their **** and do work and are a much better comodity for the uk than people who do nothing, uk is full of do nothing just like me, what a brain for such a bum, so your trickle down has worked so well, so get people off their **** its more beneficial to sit on ones ****, than play the brick rat race, so you lot think the stick works, ill tell you the carrot does, the dole is £50 and government spends loads on adverts, but what about bankers , mortgage fraud and tax evasion, you nazi labour, for 10 people at the dole they make less than one tax man to screw you cheating mcc, dont tell me any of the 650 mps is in touch or clever, there in the club the one they teach you at indoctrination classes when your 10, rise up , gordon and martin luther king heres the pun , martin said free at last free at last, gordon said fee at last fee at last,ps i hate the tories more than gordon, i hope you got your own police force sorted out, youll need it, rant over lol

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