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Donald Trump Says Uk Will Avoid Worst Of Property Plunge

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Speaking to The Times Mr Trump said that Britain did not have so much over-supply, a problem that has seen the US endure one of the worst property recessions since the 1930s.......

and then he has this to say:

The problem with the US market is nothing to do with supply and demand, it is because people cannot get credit

So it is and isn't to do with over supply! Classic.

We have exactly the same issue as the US - Lack of credit and will consequently have a similar housing crash........except we're starting to fall from much higher up. :lol::lol::lol:

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Like a knight on his charger the infamous Donald Trump is riding to the rescue of the UK government suggesting that UK property will not suffer the same fate as US property where prices have collapsed over the last 12 months. Trump, who is in the process of finalising a £1 billion golfing development in Scotland, believes that the UK property market has not been over developed during the last decade, leaving a healthy gap between natural demand and natural supply (the UK has always had a system where the balance is always in favour of demand).


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