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magic, if only Iknew how to make these things

The first post has a link that generates them. I've had so much fun with it!

Although I'm sure I've seen a few of these before ;)

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Funniest thread since the one about houses that look like their owners.

totally agree

the houses that look like their owners thread i roared with laughter about

my fav was gerry adams house lol, class

i still consider that thread as the one that kept me sane, it was done at a low ebb, the 2005 dip had stopped and houses just carried on to insanity, it was truly the bubble bounce.crazy. on here it was truly felt surely the heck it was it, and then we found it was a false dawn,However now there are no more false dawns this realy is it.

10 years of hard wages in a highly taxed , highly priced country nawww just aint gonna happen, only idiots could surely think the populance would throw their lifes away to have 4 walls and a roof for their total lifes graft.

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