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website is up but forum is not.

the suspense is killing me

For those that haven't realised, we have been up for the last week and ironing out any problems from the move.

I think (hope!) everything is now working, and have made version (with the ability to share information and the sidebar) available to download again.

If you have already installed, tick the 'Work in a Bee' in the Options menu on the property-bee toolbar and start browsing again



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Hurrah! :D

Thank you Beer Hunter - I know you've been working hard on this - I've missed the Property Bee working in a bee thing... although it has meant I've spent less time on Rightmove and more time doing work....

Don't worry the equilibrium has been maintained.. I've spent more time on this than 'proper' work recently :o

thanks beerhunter much appreciated, however had to manually install pb since clicking on find update for pb did not find the new version ...

Yes, for the moment it's going to be manual updates (since any version of property-bee current installed is pointing to the old server.. including - I'm surprised no one has asked what the version number means!). When the next version ( is out and in use automatic updates will resume.

Excellent, thank you, wondered if and how the sharing would work - but it does!

Sometimes it amazes me to.. that there's 2500+ databases all hanging together with a bit of ajax to synchronise them in real time as you view a property... I must be mad :rolleyes:



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Hi BH,

Propertybee no longer works on Firefox 3.0.1. apparently it's "Not compatible". Any ideas on a fix date? I have a weird addiction to rightmove.. ;)


Firefox isn't officially released until 16th July.. so a bit surprised that people are being auto-updated!

I haven't downloaded the Beta 3.0.1 to test with yet but plan to this weekend and make sure everything is ok.

A new version of property-bee ( will be out on Sunday evening or (more like due to other commitments) Monday morning which will fix (I hope) most of the bugs reported to date with 2.0.0.* and will work with Firefox 3.0.1.*



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I've managed to fix up my analysis program a bit, so it should be pretty much usable.

I've made it available for download for anyone who wants to try it. It is a prototype, so don't expect it to be fantastic.


Windows XP or Vista

Property Bee 2

Microsoft .NET 2 (Vista comes with this, and XP should have downloaded it automatically if it's kept updated).


Things you must have:

More than one firefox profile for the user running 'property hive'. I'm sure bad things will happen if you use multiple profiles.


Find price and status changes

Double click a property to load it in firefox

Search for free text

Analysis by agent. Double click an agent to find all their properties

Features that have disappeared:

I mentioned that there were data sharing features. These have gone as Property Bee now does this, although the property bee server has now imploded under the assault, and this feature has been deactivated.

Download Property Hive

I haven't published the source code. I do intend to do this once I've cleaned up the code a bit so that it is intelligible.


Hope someone finds it useful.

Love it! Only found propertybee yesterday but it's proved invaluable with regard to arming me with the info I need to make an offer on a new build, now this extra gui makes using the propertybee data so much more managable. Many Thanks ChumpusRex.

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