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Is Planning Permission The Bane Of Our Society?

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so if i wanted to breed magits in my home how would planning laws help you??

as for property law, you cant polute another water or land or air. if you do they can sue you through the courts

I see - what you are actually talking about is common law, effectively nusiance law. This is also enshrined in regulatory law through the Environmental Protection Act 1990 - Sections 79-82.

The problem is Cells that - you have to prove that Mr. Maggot is causing a serious material interference with your use and enjoyment of your property. The burden of proof now lies with you. If you can't prove the nuisance you have no case and Mr. Maggot continues to stink you out day and night. Another factor is that in nuisance cases, both in common law and statutory law loss of amenity is not somethings courts will usually consider.

In contrast the process of planning consent takes account of loss of amenity at least offering some protection to residents either through refusal of permssion or the placing of conditions on the applicant to mitigate or prevent loss of amenity from the beginning.

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