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Another £896 Million Lost On Mad Nhs Computer Project

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When will politicians learn that applying stalinist central planning to massive IT projects is just a huge waste of taxpayers money. There are perfectly good, working, tested clinical systems available off-the-shelf for a fraction of the money they have spent on lawyers alone.

The Government's multi-billion pound scheme to computerise patient records is "crashing down" around the Prime Minister's ears it was claimed after a contract with a key supplier was terminated.

Fujitsu's £896 million, 10-year contract for installing the programme in the south of England was terminated after months of negotiations broke down.

The £12.7 billion project has come in for repeated criticism over delays, bad management, computer glitches and fears over the security of patient information.

Conservative health spokesman Stephen O'Brien told the BBC: "Gordon Brown's relentless attempt to ram through a monolithic, top-down, centralised, one-size-fits-all NHS supercomputer system is crashing down around his ears. "This is £12.7 billion of taxpayers' money now at risk and the intended result is already four years behind schedule, not to mention the impact on patients and NHS staff."


Theres a great commentary/podcast from Tony Collins here:


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