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Falmouth, Cornwall

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I spent a weekend in Falmouth not long ago and loved it. Went straight onto Rightmove to check out the prices of houses. Couldnt believe how cheap they were. The sea front houses - terraced - beautiful architecture. Lovely big back gardens and wrought iron balconies. Stunning. I thought Cornwall was holding its own?

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I only wish I could agree with you, but you have to remember why it is cheap (well cheap to Londoners, but unaffordable to the Cornish) is because there is no work and what work there is, it is minimum wage work.

Falmouth has a college and a university, so there is a huge student population. Alot of the houses you are referring to are student lets, which is probably why they are cheap because who would want to live next door to commotion and a squat?

Falmouth has become very run down in some parts, although, saying that several new shops and restaurants have moved in.

Cornwall bucks the trend for house sales due to people retiring there, so it will always be in demand, but only certain parts at that

p.s. Rightmove in Falmouth has since closed in the last couple of weeks!

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