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China will have to spend a vast amount of their dollar surplus on rebuilding as most of the losses are uninsured.

They are already buying all the raw materials they can (iron ore, aluminium, copper etc) - how will this affect everything else in the grand economic scheme of things?

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Considering China's callous indifference to human life, don't expect it to act like a Western state in compromising its push for Number One global economy, because a few thousand peasant's life were wrecked!

That said, even the mighty USA has failed to properly reconstruct whole swathes of New Orleans post the hurricane.

And in the UK hundreds of families still live in mobile homes after the flood disasters............................................

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It strikes me that China's reponse has been a lot better than Burma's.

Re the economic question, all those dollars they have been hoarding they will now be needing to spend at their deflated value. If this is on materials from the US then the Yanks are bucks in, so to speak, as they will be buying back their currency on the cheap.

Whilst this may seem that currency devaluation is a good thing, if can be for the US as the dollar is still an international reserve currency. The same cannot be said for the pound.

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