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Heard a rumour today, only a rumour I must confess, that Errol paid £12million for the Golden Calf, Goldfinger bid £10million and conceded defeat when Errol upped by £2million, 2bobBubb and FP pulled out after their bids of £100.

It was bought not as an investment but it was considered to be better than cash.

Errol was last seen trying to milk it for his cup of tea.

How I love that Guy. :lol:

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My Brother called me today from the UK.

He said the Marge Proops of the Financial Planning Industry was on the Vanessa Feltz Show ( BBC Radio London ) answering Listeners worries and giving advice on a phone-in.

Trying to panic the Listeners was the impression he got, and the best Investment today was cash said Marge, well one would say that who STRd in 2002. :D

Not one mention to buy Gold, the Rascal. :lol:

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Trying to panic the Listeners was the impression he got, and the best Investment today was cash said Marge, well one would say that who STRd in 2002. :D

Hey Bertie you can listen here.


Scroll down to Vanessa Feltz click and it`s 4 minutes in. ;)

As the skull duggery goes on behind the scenes, those with blood on their hands are trying to protect their image, but those who know can see through them. :P

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One of them is conspicuous by his absence here.

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes?

a merger would seem a possibility :rolleyes:.

Hmmmm.... hopefully not in the same way that a shark "merges" with a swimmers leg. ;)

Still, if there's one lot that would try to get away with merger......

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Left who me? ;)

I`ve just installed Google Maps on my BT htc s620 loaded with Windows Mobile, brilliant, only for those who can actually read maps and not fixed on those Tom Tom thingys. :P

Horses for courses, I use both Tom Tom and Google maps on my HTC (TytnII). I find Google maps better when walking and Tom Tom (with speed camera database) better when driving.

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As usual backed up by some deliberate misinformation and shit stirring by Frizzers AKA Cuthbert Calculus, an administrator from you know where.

During a dark period for this Forum when just two members alone fought them on the beaches, in the fields, and in the streets, this Forum was saved as they gave 24 hour vigilance to halt the enemy in their tracks.

Now as usual when there is an uneasy peace, these soldiers were demobbed and the a*******s claim a so called victory as they now attack these unsung heroes.

Remember they know what the enemy don`t think they don`t know, and what they don`t know they will never know, but they would be shocked to know what those poor s**s alone in the trenches know, as they post b******s without knowing what those heroes know, simply the truth.

During these battles the one who fired the shot which upset the enemy was not seen again for many weeks as the battle raged.

So be careful who you pick as a forum friend, for those concerned back stabbing is their favourite occupation. :D

Gold is going up, down, up, down, up down and I bet my prediction will be pretty accurate. :rolleyes:

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these soldiers were demobbed

I hope they got good quality demob suits, not the rubbish my Dad got when his war was over. :lol:

Yes weasel the enemy within will try to come out smelling roses, but you can only hide the smell of sh1t once the diseased material and nasty bacteria is removed, in other words sh1t is hard to clean and never loses its nasty smell.

BTW what has happened to the SM heroes who predicted the Markets to hit the roof, now quite conspicuous by their absence. :rolleyes:

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