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Why were you fatally weakened?

If you read between the lines of this thread you may find the answer to that.

Probably not though, we're a cryptic bunch "down here".

Did you get sacked from being a mod?

That would have been more interesting wouldn't it? No, I asked Greg to delete my account. Explaining the reasons would drag in 2 other mods who also resigned for the same reason, so I don't feel able to go into detail about those events.

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I see the children are kicking off again. :rolleyes:


Did you know FP accused a very much respected ex mod of this Forum of being a tosser and a w*nker, so you lot in the above link take note, how do I know because I had communication about it months back with the member concerned.

He told me if at a future Pub Meet FP was there he would personally give him a slap.

FP is the Commanding Officer of all the tossers and w*nkers on this Forum who worship him as some sort of Messiah.

FP the cut and paste verbal man.

Can`t wait to see an opposition spokesman in the next interview ask FP why he addresses all those who disagree with in on HPC as tossers and w**nkers.


Greetings from over the pond.

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He told me if at a future Pub Meet FP was there he would personally give him a slap.

Sounds like the next pub meet could be like the mods 'n rockers barneys in the 60s. Bagsy I get to be Phil Daniels and have my wicked way with Leslie Ash.

Jimmy: [from the cliff top after deciding not to be a mod]


Jimmy: Me!

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What's the betting he's been frantically reporting posts to get the mods to move/remove them :lol:.

If he does my Mentor will arise from his Cyber grave, he is already laying in an agitated state over the number one winkle, that will be interesting. :D

Cryptic is now the way forward.

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Just been browsing the Main Forum, going by the silly replies to good threads, the trolls are out in force. The Forum is heading towards becoming a joke, their white noise is deafening. Oh well I can live with my happy past memories. ;)

There is more sense down here in the pits, especially this thread. :rolleyes:

B****r me, over 5k views now.

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I'm holding fire until the average house price is equal to 100 togas, or 35,000 loaves of bread. I haven't decided whose bread yet. :unsure:

Probably the expensive bread. You don't want to end up living somewhere worth 35,000 loaves of Aldi or Netto own brand.

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I'm waiting until they'll swap for my eighties record collection.

My sixties record collection including 78rpms will I`m afraid guarantee I`ll never go hungry. :D

Due to the popularity of this thread I vote it should be moved to the Main Forum just for its educational content alone. B)

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