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Hi, I'm Mz_Pink. *waves*

I'm 28 and have been saving up a deposit for 10 years so far, but am still not close to being able to afford to purchase my first property. As someone who tries to be financially responsible, even if I were to get a suitable deposit, the repayments would be beyond ridiculous.

I am incredibly frustrated with the current housing market. As someone that is desperate to start a family (the clock isn't just ticking, it's screaming at me right now!), I find it dismaying that because I choose to be responsible and wait until I have a home before having children, I am effectively penalised. As a pet owner as well I am essentially blocked out of the private rental sector. (The rental sector does not provide the security I would require even were I to not have pets. Longer fixed term contracts can be negotiated, but the majority of landlords are loathe to do so).

I also work in the private rental sector, so on a daily basis I deal with BTL landlords, so daily I'm aware of issues affecting it.

In my opinion, the current situation is completely untenable, I'm massively frustrated and at a loss as to what to do!

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Hello. Have been following house prices through the rise the past 10 years and lurking on HPC since 2006. Am a hopeful upsizer with a young family. We are in a great position to buy but am continually stunned by how little we can 'afford' and the situation just gets more and more ludicrous.

Have also found ourproperty.com very useful in checking out real sold prices.

Likely to post on anecdotals later. Some most interesting stuff going on out there.

Be lucky!

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Hi there - been lurking for about three years - wondering if the falls in 2007-8 were just the first phase..... :)

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Hello there,

Long time lurker. Been wanting to upsize for ages but not at prices as they stand. So very much stuck on the first rung of the ladder in a home that is only just adequate for our growing family. Current aim is to pay down current mortgage while waiting for the market to become more realistically priced.

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Another newbie here, been lurking for a while though.

I became interested in bubbles after studying the internet bubble at university back in 2000. I figured the housing market was suffering from something similar and when I began searching I found hpc.co.uk. I'm very glad I did, I've learned loads from this place.

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Hello everyone My Names Mr plumber in Rochdale, still having trouble finding my way around the board, for some reason i cant post, sure il work it out though,

Hello Mr Plumber.

You can't start a topic in the main board. Try replying to a post.

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Been following hpc for years, but never had anything to say up until now.

I'm starting to post because I've just done an interview on house prices with a major newspaper (Daily Mail), thought it might be fun to comment on the fall out :)

I've started a post in the main forum (it won't appear for a while as i think the mods need to approve)

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Hi guys,

Been lurking at HPC for 3 years now.

Have been unable to post due to the restrictions of a works computer.

They have given me a Panasonic CF-19 with no restrictions.

So I look forward to joining the debate.



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Hi All

My name is Ian, I have been lurking on this site for 2+ years. I'm waiting for the crash so I can become a FTB, but don't want to spend my life paying stupid money for a horrible little barratt style box.....

Bring on the crash!

Edited by daves mum
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Hello fora,

I want to share this email I recieved from my local EA who I signed up with for "property alerts".

Honestly, Ive had some moonshine rightnow, but this sort of thing just makes me wana share the love........

Next time you find yourself wishing for something,

remind yourself that wishing won't move you forward,

but setting goals and taking action will.

Call us today to see how quickly we can sell your home or to arrange a viewing on your dream property.

Branch Manager

Bagshaws Residential

Bridge Street

BAKEWELL, Derbyshire, DE45 1DS

Tel: 01629 814774

Email: bakewell@sequencehome.co.uk

Web: www.sequencehome.co.uk

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Hi All,

Been following the site for a few years now, only recently started visiting very regularly. Nearly always impressed with the thoughts of a lot of posters on the site.

Still in shock and saddened (or is angry a better word) at the state / state of housing of this country, and hoping there is something we can do about it rather than just looking on as we get dragged around (apart from moving from the UK), but not sure what yet. Trying to get enough information / understanding first.

Look forward to posting something with value add (or not!) in the near future,

Also, can someone explain what this recaptcha stuff is all about in the blog comments?

Many Thanks,


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Hi all,

have been to coming to this site, but as read only.

currently living in north cyprus and uk, between both.

come from london, but have lived in suffolk and norfolk for years before coming out here. i wouldn't say living the dream but its ok.

we have brought and sold properties to both live in and to earn money at for a good few years, so have been around the block a little.

recently purchased a apartment in norfolk and working on the collective enfranchisement / commonhold of that. we purchased basically because the time was right financial re the property crash. also because we got fed up with staying in hotels when we came back to the uk. love the apartment but one thing i have learned is never to become sentimental over property, you must always be looking for a profit at the end of the day.

regards S B)

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new as hopped across from other forum which was referencing this one

actually lots to read here as we are currently selling house and our buyers buyer just dropped exchange day bombshell so we are on buyers buyer number 2 - whole process is shagged

also have a bunch of rentals so watching with interest, rents are good and lots of demand so good news inbound for now - but wary of rising interest rates and dropping house prices - as we are in it for the long term

interesting times

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Been reading/lurking (on and off) since the NR collapse and decided that perhaps it was time to make a post.

Still telling anyone who will listen that the crash is coming. But as people are now starting to point out, I've been saying that for five years. My credibility is wearing thin.


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