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It's all our faults.

Why won't we just pay £300k for his two-bedder in Kingston?

I love his "How about I knock off £5k" and the EA's "It won't even touch the sides, mate" response.

I also love the idea that his bottom-line price is based on what EAs tell him and what flats used to sell for in that area (as opposed to what he might be able to sell at in the current market - set the price and wait for the market to agree with you, an inspired approach to selling). And we're supposed to believe these guys are sh!t-hot professionals that we are all too stupid to understand.

As for marketeer, comedian or not, he is suitably quiet now.

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Currently renting not far from these so called 'mansion blocks' They are dreadful, heaps of them have spawned along the river in the last few years. Blots on an otherwise pleasant river landscape. Mostly look like butlins for the rich. If you walk past them in the evenings, many have no lights on.

But then they are rich people living there, so of course they are out wining and dining, and chatting about how lucky they are. Strange they can't afford curtains!

A mansion flat up the road from me was sold a year ago for 325k, a few weeks ago, an identical one was sold for 250k. Ouch! Marvellous.

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These "mansion blocks" will no doubt end up like 1960's council flats in a few years. A pervasive smell of urine, lifts that have been vandalised, grafitti everywhere... Wonder what the flats will be worth in 10 years time???


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Cassandra, sorry, but no way that will happen around this part of W London. Far too affluent, unless of course Bruno is right.

RD, mine is lovely too. They are luxurious, dripping with it, gated, huge balconies, river views etc. etc. At the end of the day, they are still flats! No matter how they are described; mansion blocks, luxury apartments, gated developments et al. Flats is what they are and flats is what they always will be.

I would sooner a house any day. Even if its tiny.

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