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Ea Flyer Just Dropped Through The Door...


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That is just hilarious, talk about the most ill-conceived campaign put out at the worst possible time :lol: The back explains that it's all about working to the customer's timeframe, but in current conditions this looks as though these particular EA's are warning all about how the party is well and truly over :lol: superb

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i have to admit it can be taken two ways.

1. the current falls are too good to be true and you must buy now before this 'magic' ends and prices shoot up again. (EA Version).

2. the ridiculous price of houses has to end sometime and they know this.

this should make better news really than just this website due to the irony of it - we all know the real cinderella story :lol:

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I'll get the scanner out later and post a scan of it, but in the mean time...

It's from Burns and Webber, on of the local EAs. The flyer has their normal, quite tasteful, dark green and gold logo across the top. The bottom 80% of the leaflet is composed on a decrepit clock face, with the time showing two minutes to midnight. Next to the clock is the following.

Quite frankly, ****** me!

Well it could be worse... you could have Kirsty and Phil visiting your town for Relocation, Relocation., Relocation. Up they popped on the intranet today. Where do I work? I work at a hospital in Birmingham for gawd's sake. When they are touting for business in the public sector, they have got to be desperate. Unfortunately, as I am priced out of the market I can't apply. Otherwise could have been a great wheeze.

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