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General Electric $300bn In Debt

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What overblown total tosh.

If GM when to 20c on the $ so what? It doesn't mean a dollar anything.

99% of all US automakers bit the dust in the 40s and 50s, and merged the bits left over to form larger scales of economy.

We are left with innvoation and customer preference. If GM isn't making cars that people want, then it must change.

If you think GM is bad - what about Ford??? Its debt used to be cents on the dollar in 2001/2 with bondholders panicing.

It has made new bondholders very rich since then as it turned around. How big is Ford???

Shows what nonsense this is.

Whoops! I meant General Motors.  General Electric get YOU into debt, lots and lots of personal DEBT.  See following link:


World gone crazy.

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