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Shaken, but not stirred Mr Planner.

Pity you werent able to rush to there from the BBC where a few minutes earlier they had an article about why falling prices was a huge boost for the BTL brigade- the professionals that is, not the "dinner party" brigade- Amatuers I expect they meant.

The second commentator said demand was up for rentals as mortgages became unavailable, then he went on to say that as prices fallm the BTL landlord can buy up at a much better price.

I thought BTL was the last person they would lend to, especially in preference to a home buyer.

You have you work cut out for you.

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Great to see HPC getting this kind of exposure.

I don't know they bothered having that woman from Savills PF on. 4% this year? More like 4% in the next month!

I like how they gave 'FP' the final word.

Property 'snake' will soon become as commonly used amongst the people as 'ladder' (or 'pyramid' as I prefer) became!

Maybe C4's new series this week should be re-titled accordingly? ;)

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Guest barebear
HEE HEE re:supply and demand

I demand a Bentley. But if I can't afford it then I can't buy it can I?

PS If anyone is visiting tonight for the first time, we aren't mad or dangerous, just a bit stir crazy that's all.

Jeez do you think it might be time to get rid of our nutters now we're going mainstream public ? Perhaps we could have a sub-forum where theyre automatically re-directed so that the newbies cant see em.

I'm so glad Ive stopped wearing my HPC arm band and shiny brown leather boots that I was issued with when I first joined !

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Great stuff. But I wish FP had managed to challenge the "no-one foresaw the credit crunch" bollokcs.

He could have pointed people to his site and the post that accurately predicted the Northern Rock run weeks before it happened.

FP to hold a TV debate with Gay Gordon. That's what I want to see.

Yeah, thought the same.

As I said in the other thread about the C4 show, I imagine C4 said "please don't scare our viewers too much with your views".

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Enjoyed that, nearly 15 minutes of unadulterated bear food. :D

For those expecting a nice episode of property ladder after the news,it's probably time to head for the toilet.

Me I'm sitting back with a couple of tinnies and some pringles!!mmmmmmmmmmm

Might be tempted to open the chanpers next month when Y-O-Y goes south.

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Yeah, thought the same.

As I said in the other thread about the C4 show, I imagine C4 said "please don't scare our viewers too much with your views".

Good points made by both the Cap Econ man and FP. The right questions were also put by C4's research team for the newscaster to ask.

Ms Bien is still pursing her lips every time she finishes speaking. I would quite like to buy her a few drinks and see if I can't get her to snog me and tell all...

Hard job but someone's got to break the ice maiden.

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I thought the people on here were only ever joking about a HPC, so i've played along with it just for a laugh.

But after seeing FP's performance on Channel 4 i'm really worried that we are actually going to get a HPC now.


(For those that missed it, watch C4 +1 at 8pm!)

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After the Six O'Clock News, the ITV News and Channel 4 News, I think I've had enough bear porn for now.

See you all again after Newsnight, folks.

Should provide a tastey morsel for supper. :)

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Well the guy on CH4 who said 40% drop in 4 to 5 years will be probably right.

The muppett who said 4% drop was on something ....

For the last 5 years plus the mugs have been suckered by the banks and Estate agents as to property price values......

It was in the banks interests and Estate agents interests to con the billy bunters, its as if they cannot learn from History...... Or do not want to...

What goes up must come down.......

In the 90's crash the lenders said "no more 4 times salaries as multiples.....yeah right, before the northern rock "debarcle" you could borrow over 6 times........ What a joke!!

And debt generally is out of control, we are in for some hard times!!!

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Congratulations FP...excellent stuff, especially the killer blow "barge pole" final comment.

How much longer are those ghastly property sharks going to continue having the bare faced temerity to say "we mustn't talk down the market"; rich from them, who have blatently hyped the market up to fill their own pockets for a decade and a half.


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FP, my hat is off to you. It would have been easy to gloat but you kept it straight, honest and forthright.

It's really happening, finally it's really happening. This is a massive day for the incipient HPC and I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the rest of the ride.

Yep, I think he would have been quite justified engaging in a full-on Dr Evil style "Mwuuaaaahhahahahahahahahahahahah" :) , but by being sensible it really brings the message home to the average man. The last 7 years have been a form of collective madness, and it's time for sanity to return.

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Only just caught this on Ch4+1.

I could see FP was itching to answer the question "Did anyone foresee this coming?"

Nearly wet myself laughing at FP's closing comment. Advice? - EXCESS? SELL SELL SELL - MYTHICAL LADDERS, SNAKES & BARGEPOLE'S!!! :lol:

I have this image in my head of the scene showing of "Headcases" with Darling running into Broon [scottish accent] "IT'S ALL GONE WRONG!" after watching FP on C4+1 :lol:

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May I also add to the chorus of approval on what undoubtedly was a very special night for HPC.co.uk and a great bit of work by FP.

You seriously nailed the point with the 'property snake' comment. Bravo.

We're close to reaching a time where nobody ever doubted there would be a house price correction, it feels odd not to be contrary any longer. <_<

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