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Cynicism And The Spending Power Of The Pound/dollar

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Reading some recent threads:


and articles:


got me thinking about how well planned the debt indenture of the masses (where banks ofc make a killing as we owe them for almost everything we buy when we live off credit) and the current falling international trade values for the dollar and soon to be for the pound are actually part of a wider scale plan.

I cant think, for one moment, that whilst us HPC'ers have been watching the story unfold that at least some ppl in the Central banks of the Fed and BoE havent also seen this coming.

Is it a chance for the debts of the USA and UK to be writen off by decreasing the value of the dollar/pound?

- After all what easy way to make repayments and enforce the debts of your citizens than by decreasing the value of the currency they earn, particularly when you know only the other Vested Interests (and perhaps a few smart savers) have bothered to save whilst everyone else lives hand to mouth.

Can we expect new international agencies and/or agreements, of the NAFTA, CAFTA type interbanking led propositions being tabletopped in the near future?

- Obviously these would be giving the banks greater powers for economic control and/or money printing and be sold as 'being in the publics best interest' (lol!).

Are we going to see more discussions on EU constitutions and/or monetary unions in order to 'help us out of this economic mess'?

- i.e. UK to join the Euro, or a north american single currency.


Ok so maybe im just being paranoid, but as they say... "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they arent out to get you".

Someone is out to gain from the coming crash on a geo-political scale, someone is going to be carefully poised to find ways to assert more economic power. In the same ways as the up spiral benifitted certain institutions the downspiral will also...

What do you HPC'ers think?

- Pyewackitt (Property Speculation Ninja ;) Look out behind you!)

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just to add...

anyone else think its interesting that J P Morgan, another bank from one of America's founding financial dynasties were the ones to buy out Bear Stearns?


Much in the same way as the crash of 1907 and 1920 were used for the Fed to be established and gain early control over competing banks.

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ok something else....

would also seem that those 'in the know' at the trilateral commission (multi internationalist orgnaisation) were discussing this crash quite openly in their October 2007 EU meeting:

Program of the 2007 European Regional Meeting

Vienna, Austria — October 26-28, 2007

Saturday, October 27



Chair and Moderator: Hervé de Carmoy, Chairman, Almatis, Frankfurt-am-Main; former Partner, Rhône Group, New York & Paris; Honorary Chairman, Banque Industrielle et Mobilière Privée, Paris; former Chief Executive, Société Générale de Belgique; European Deputy Chairman, Trilateral Commission


Lucas Papademos, Vice President, European Central Bank, Frankfurt-am-Main; former Governor, Central Bank of Greece

Jacob A. Frenkel, Vice Chairman, American International Group (AIG), New York; Chairman, Group of Thirty (G-30); former Governor of the Bank of Israel

Alessandro Profumo, Chief Executive Officer, UniCredit Group, Milan

Nout Wellink, Governor of the Central Bank of The Netherlands, Amsterdam

Rudi Bogni, Director of Old Mutual and Prospect Publishing, London and Basel; Chairman of the International Advisory Board of Oxford Analytica; former Chief Executive of Private Banking for UBS

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