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Cramer Exposed

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You know who Cramer reminds me of?

Did anyone see that programme the other night about a chap who set himself up as a private investigator/forensic expert and testified in court as an expert witness on many occasions and it turned out he was a complete conman and had no qualifications apart from being the local Lothario? That's who Cramer reminds me of. Has anyone checked on Cramer's "expert" qualifications recently?

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That sounds a very unusual way to make money.

What? Being a Lothario or an expert witness?

The man was raking it in - £30K a time (or thereabouts) for a crap report that was 99% cribbed and 1% utter rubbish!

The point is, he should have been exposed years before he actually was because his reports were laughable. He was something of a Walter Mitty as well as an out and out conman. Point is, he managed to practice for 20 YEARS before being discovered.

When someone like Cramer continually spouts rubbish, perhaps it is time his credentials were investigated.

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Don Harrold exposes Cramer's idiocy on a fairly regular basis.


But I am becoming increasingly interested in who the man is, what are his qualifications, the posts he has held, what qualifies him to pronounce on matters financial?

Does he have a biog?

Has anyone seen his CV?

Who is this man? (Sounds like a Clint Eastwood Western!!)

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Come on, there must be someone out there who has the interest and the ability to do a search on Cramer.

I begin to doubt his bona fide.

Can anyone PROVE one way or another? I don't have the computer skills to get very far. I'm sure there are people on HPC who could nail this twit.

Edited for typos.

Edited by Methinkshe

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“I sold that product at Goldman sachs”

“the customers are so stupid - that German bank, they are bozo’s :o

“Boy the commissions’ so huge - lets JAM it” :o

“and we would just laugh” :angry:

Than 2 minutes later:

“When I worked at Goldman sachs we were told never to JAM” :blink:

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