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Outlook 2008 for Berlin Property Investment

In 2008 we will see an increase of so called "privatisations" where international investors who have bought big residential portfolios are selling off individual apartments either as vacant condos for own use or as buy to let investment apartments. Especially the investment apartments were modernised throughout recent years and provide a dependable income source.

In combination with the rental development this will open excellent investment opportunities for private investors in a robust and steadily developing market. The new rent table 2007 ("Mietspiegel 2007") has already shown increases in residential rents.

Property Financing

The financial sector has finally recognised this development and provides financial products to enable international private investors to have their investment apartments in Berlin financed at a level of 65 to 70% of the purchase price. Support for the financing of investment in buy to lease flats is provided by capable agents and vendors.

Management of buy to rent flats

Identified managing agents that are capable to communicate with international investors at the appropriate level of language and professionalism to ensure a smooth start-up after any purchase is a very important part of setting up a successful investment. Adequate support for the international investor is key for an investment decision.


The economic situation in Germany is positive with the prospect of a longer period of prosperity. The Berlin property market has three main value drivers:

  • 1. Stable population development accompanied by new jobs.
  • 2. Long term commitment to the location by the government and international business.
  • 3. Still low prices compared to other European capitals with yields that allow a positive cash flow after financing.

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I think Berlin is a great city. It makes a great place to invest but also a great city to live in. Its brimming with history and culture. A real ineresting city and I think it has all the qualitys of any of the great citys in the world, New york, Paris, London, Amsterdam. Its full of artists, musicians, a party somewhere every night of the week.

There is always something to do, and no one seems to get on your case if you do someting wrong.

You can be yourself in Berlin.

Anyway, If your tired of all the Slick talking real estate agents, and anybody needs a hands on real estate agent in Berlin to weed out a good property, send me a message or give me a ring. I'm always happyt help new people discover Berlin!

My friend works for Real estate agency and he found me some great stuff in Prenzlauberg at a great price

My number is +4915153508364


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My husband and I have bought our retirement home near Meissen. With the remaining money from the sale of two houses in England we have also bought 2 flats in Berlin and 2 in Dresden.

We did this through The Berlin Real Estate Centre. Everything was done quickly and without any problems. The flats in Berlin are in the Prenzlauerberg, I think I've spelt this correctly. The ones in Dresden overlook the Grosser Garten.

We're happy with how everything turned out and will be looking to buy some more property in the Riesa to Torgau area and in Leipzig later this year.

We still have a small flat in Weston Super Mare and we will be back in England from time to time but we intend to spend most of our time touring central and North Europe.

You're right Berlin is a wonderful place to visit and we intend to spend some time in Potsdam as regularly as we can.

We have no regrets in the slightest. We could have retired to Portugal but we felt Germany had the edge when all things were considered.

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