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Crash Goes Mainstream

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Mirror is simply following the party line and trying to get it firmly placed in people's minds that it is all America's fault (on the way down).

Can't see that lie working. THe US house prices were far lower as a proportion of incomes. Also the US produces oil, grows most of its own food, makes cars, etc. So with a fallen dollar, the Americans will get on with their lives, not buying so many BMWs, putting up with US food, but they will get on with recovery. Their lack of a social security system will make things very painful for lots of people, but they'll certainly get off their ar$es to go out and earn some money.

The UK will fall further, harder, but the crash won't be as painful for most. No one will starve, or even suffer much hardship. People will feel much poorer, as the weakened pounds causes imported goods and food to soar in price. The import prices will kill our standard of living. The economy will take ages to recover. In three year's time the contrast to the US (who'll be recovering while we're still arguing about accepting a low offer on our houses) will be immense, and we'll know who to blame.

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not buying so many BMWs

BMW has a factory in USA that produces many BMWs sold there. I think all Z3's were made in USA - not sure about Z4's though.

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      • up 5%

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