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Dollars Tough To Sell On Streets Of Amsterdam

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Americans can not exchange $$$ in Amsterdam

"Our dollar is worth maybe zero over here," said Mary Kelly, an American tourist from Indianapolis, Indiana, in front of the Anne Frank house. "It's hard to find a place to exchange. We have to go downtown, to the central station or post office."

And don't think it's fall from grace will not pull the GBP down with it.

Germany started WWII and you need a wheel borrow of money to get a loaf of bread and now it's the Americans turn and when it's all over then it will all be blamed on one mans actions and that man is GW-Bush.

We are fast aproaching the stage where millions of people will be required to sign up for war and what better way to get conscripts then to ensure people are without jobs ! Stage two will be another 9/11 style false flag attack to start a stamped to go and grab the worlds oil supplies but make no mistake this is not about giving you or me bigger cars it's about keeping the rich richer.

See what Jim Crammer was saying about Bear Stearns days before it went bang

kind of make you wonder who's on what side i thinks

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