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Homer J Simpson

"housing Market Starting To Creak".....

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please see above : http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/loc...icle3532625.ece

so basically one paper said yesterday that the government needed to support to housing market to stave off recession, but then they do this.........ohhh dear!!

anyhow, im looking to buy a house (aren't we all) but will wait to see if the ass falls out of the market first.

in the meantime, ive a spare bit of cash and was thinkin of buying abroad..........hold that thought?!

im no expert, like some of you guys and girls on here seem to be........so can someone explain / advise me on if there is a housing crash in USA / Oz / UK.....................will this affect the prize of property abroad.

some places that interest me are florida (cause they're falling dramatically now), the canaries (prob lanzarote) or maybe somewhere like Slovakia / some of these eastern euro countries.

i read that poland etc. might be a good investment as they are going to get the bulk share of the EU money for the forseeable future.

anyone any views / advice / help on this.

ps.....and the housing prices in the Rep of Ireland are falling hard at the minute, there's even talk of nationalising a few of their banks.......dont believe me?? google it and see!

ps1..........and anyone fed up of all this "help" for social housing???? to me this means help people who dont help themselves (BUT I DONT MEAN THIS IN ALL CASES HERE!!" i get paid 24k a year, i worked before uni to help me pay my way through it.......which basically meant living like bum for 2/3 years to save to go to uni. i still came out with a degree and 5k in debt.

now i cant afford a house and have this debt, but some people who are "social housing cases" get help on the ladder when they've done nothing to help themselves. anyhow.....give me some advice people please.

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