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Gordon Brown Hasn't Noticed That Czechoslovakia Doesn't Exist Anymore

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Gordon Brown may have famously talked about his "moral compass", but he could do with brushing up on his European geography.

Giving his report on last week's European Council in the Commons earlier, the Prime Minister said that "failure to support the reform treaty will leave the Czechoslovakian people isolated in Europe", according to what he'd heard from the Czech Prime Minister.

Czechoslovakia, of course, ceased to exist on January 1 1993, when the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic were founded.

It's indicative of how out-of-touch he is with the world. He really is an ignoramus.

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What on earth do you expect for a failed Public School b1tch, who then failed in the TV business, then again failed as a journalist.

The only thing Gordon was good at was drinking coffee in Islington Cafe's with his soulmate Tony Blair.

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Guest anorthosite

He's also highly skilled at nose picking, sucking up to big business and f**king up an economy beyond all hope of rescue.

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