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The Times Tomorrow, Vi Quotes Extravaganza!

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How to hammer out a bargain

The property market may be in the doldrums, but try telling that to the 300 or so people who recently packed the first-floor banqueting suite of Leeds United FC’s ground, Elland Road. Usually, the place is crammed with football supporters and pundits dissecting the match; on this occasion, it was full of investors poring over a catalogue of 105 houses and flats coming up for auction.

Among the crowd was Doug McLean, 39, director of a sandwich company and a partner in three bars in Bradford. McLean, an auction novice, chose a seat a few rows back and waited patiently for Lot 81, a two-year-old two-bedroom Barratt flat on the canal in Bingley, near Bradford. The property was offered for sale new at £165,000 in July 2006 and had never been lived in. At auction, the guide price was £95,000plus. McLean wanted it for his ex-girlfriend and son.

Is it still possible to make money out of property?

If you believe the headlines, now does not seem the most obvious time to be investing in property: the market in the UK, as in much of the rest of the world, is slowing, if not actually falling; yields almost everywhere are under pressure; and the sub-prime crisis has put an end to the days of super-cheap borrowing.

Try telling that to Eric Potts. Since he picked up his first buy-to-let in London’s Docklands in 2002, Potts, 45, has amassed a portfolio of 41 properties, initially in Britain and then abroad, valued at well over £8m — and he’s considering adding a 42nd, a church near his home in Chichester, West Sussex.

America: the top property hotspots for investors

As America faces a downturn, is it a good time to buy?

Yes, according to Sean Conlon (www.conlonandco.ie), an Irishman who runs a billion-dollar property empire in Chicago. “The current downturn and repricing going on in the American economy is providing potentially the biggest real-estate buying opportunity I have seen in 20 years,” he told a conference in January. “It is the perfect storm.”

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Before long they will have scraped the bottom right out of the barrel.

"Try telling that to the army of investors ready to snap up a bargain for their BTL empire"

Are you a doom monger? "Yes" says property investor.

"Try telling that to doom monger boom boom who has just snapped up a bargain at..."

Great journalism/salesmanship.

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It's the buffet priciple taken to an extreme. In this case : "Everyone is now staying on the top of the cliff ergo it is good time to jump off".

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Not to mention the awful illiterate sub-heading - "The troubled market means great deals at auction. Learn you how to find them"

Learn you how to find them???

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I could not believe how many VI articles the Sunday Times has today. It is as if the journalists and editorial staff have not been following the global crash.

Yup big centre spread on "Fly To Let." :lol: Now normally I throw the Homes section straight in the recycling bin, but today have read up on apartment buying in Phnom Penh, Cambodia! Mongolia, Brazil and the Turks and Caicos Isles.

Curiously misses out HK, one of Dr Bubbs hot spots.

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