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Peter & The Wolf

Gold Bug, But Not Gold Thug.

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From Kitco Gold thread:

When gold starts inching up to the 1k mark, I find myself cheering for it, GO, GO! But in reality, it's a sad day. The economy is fried!

I really bought gold because I knew it was a pretty safe haven for maintaining wealth. When it starts to outperform the markets, we are in serious, serious trouble man!

I'm glad I got in when I did but it's still sad to see the mess coming up ahead... average Joe just wants to feed his family and hope his kids do better than him. He has no idea what lies ahead and in reality, I don't think we really grasp the fulness of it either. It don't look pretty to me.

Why do I find myself happy that gold is gonna' blow the 1k mark?

I just hope those who have, help the have not's when the time comes.

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I try to point people to information and encourage them learn about the bigger picture about fiat money.


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I agree with all of you. A lot of people looking at, or just now buying into precious metals are looking to the 1970's boom as a guide to where we might be heading. I don't think we're heading back to the 1980's myself, I think we heading back to 1880's :blink:

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If the dollar loses its purchasing power, how will US energy consumers go on importing the oil they need to maintain an extravagant lifestyle?"


Chavez is a probable target.

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