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Persistent Bear Stearns Rumours

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I believe Bear Stearns is close to failure. It's 1 year CDS was quoted at over 1000 last night. Its ability to raise money has been destroyed. Without the funding to operate it is doomed.

Bare Sterns methinks?

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Rumoured to death then..

Fintag on June 15th 2007 prophesied that Merrill Lynch would take over Bear Stearns.


ML to buy-out BS


He could be right after all.

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BS did not want to get involved in 1998 in the LTCM bail-out.

Now the other banks are making them pay for this lack of solidarity.

Indeed, there is nothing so vicious as a usurer scorned. Except perhaps for a whole cartel of usurers scorned that is.

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