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That Rics Survey In Full - Contributor Comments

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Norwich – Norfolk

R. Smith Esq FRICS

During February we have seen the continual

bad press relating to Northern Rock, the TV

programme ‘Repossession, Repossession,

Repossession’, cold weather and snow, and

the school half term holidays. Not

surprisingly, a quiet month.

Pathetic really.

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I liked this one:

North West London. Tim Le Bland, John D. Wood.

There are less buyers at the moment, but they are of a better quality than before.


What the f*ck does that mean? "We're selling sod all but the few people we do sell to bathe regularly and don't wear jeans"?

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Some sense amonst the nonsense

Henley-in-Arden – Warwickshire

Trudi Dean BSc (Hons) Est. Man

John Earle & Co.

Tax, council tax rises, jobs, fuel costs, lack of

confidence that the government can run the

economy at all.

Is it something about life in Warks?! (RB?)

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There is one EA with a sense of humour:

Rhyl – Denbighshire

David Jones Esq. BSc FRICS

Jones & Redfearn

The market continues to plod on. There is activity, but its like pulling teeth. Buyers are looking for good deals and are offering accordingly. First time buyers are as rare as a buyer for Northern Rock.


But this one's a bit ominous:

Lampeter – Ceredigion

Andrew Morgan Esq FRICS

A difficult market. We are still trying to clear some of last year instructions. Current trends do not give great confidence to vendors who are anxious to sell. ‘Patience is a virtue’ however, and some will not get the time they need we fear!

"Some will not get the time they need" = desperate to sell before the bank repossesses?

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St. Helens – Merseyside

Louis Rigby Esq FRICS

J.B. & B. Lynch

Broadly speaking I would say that we are operating at 35% below last year in all areas, which has impacted dramatically on revenue streams and now unfortunately on staffing levels. The impact of the credit crunch coupled with the disastrous HIP legislation will put a similar percentage of businesses out of

business this year I am sure and greatly affect the government’s stamp duty ‘coffers’.

Holywell//Flint/Buckley – Flintshire

David W Pearse Esq FRICS

David W Pearse & Co

There has been a slight increase in activity, but market conditions are still very quiet in comparison with previous years. Sellers are increasingly aware of HIPS and are increasingly annoyed with the extra expense, especially when they find that the government is extracting £60 from them on top of the hated Stamp Duty. Government back bench MPs may see a backlash at the polls as a result of this unpopular piece of legislation and unemployment could soon be a reality for many – remember what the electorate did for Conservative MPs who supported the Poll Tax!

My heart bleeds.

Noticeably several have blamed HIPS for the market conditions of slow shifting stock and falling prices. This can't be correct. HIPS is a deterrent to speculatively putting a house on the market and therefore restricts supply. Any HIPS impact at the moment would be beneficial to the health of the market as it would reduce stock creating scarcity and therefore hold up prices.

Very few of them have grasped the real problem is a demand side one, the withdrawal of cheap and easy credit. Below is one exception.

Chippenham – Wiltshire

Neil McAndrew Esq BSc MRICS

Connells Estate Agents (CHECK)

Due to lenders’ criteria, many buyers are unable to secure finance at 100% - 75% which has reduced demand.

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Burton-on-Trent – Staffordshire

John Stevenson Esq. MRICS

John German

There appears to be a very slow trend

toward an improving market. I think

people are sick and tired of listening

to the doom and gloom being spouted

by empty heads.

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