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* richard || Watch them fall!! -- left at Wed May 30 07:59:56 +0000 2007

* ME! || Yeah - let them fall baby! -- left at Fri Jun 29 13:21:08 +0000 2007

* Richard || The market won't crash. It'll be worse this time! -- left at Fri Nov 09 20:44:39 +0000 2007

* mike || It is impossible fot the market to crash. The fact is that demand still out weighs stock. Watch all the buyers come out the wood work when the base rate drops. That totalled with an influx from Europe and new homes quotas being significantly down, this is just a blip! -- left at Thu Nov 22 12:38:51 +0000 2007

* Lara || It doesn't matter if the base rate drops. It's the libor rate that matters. The influx from Europe oh yeah when two sign the rental agreement and 20 move in. Abandon ship. It's going down down down. -- left at Mon Nov 26 13:46:38 +0000 2007

* Tim || Property is the best long term investment - people have been overvaluing their houses, asking prices are becoming more realistic -- left at Sat Dec 01 16:44:08 +0000 2007

* catherine geddes bn1 || Laura is right. it is the libor rate that counts. Plus the fact that so many buyers/mortgage holders are slipping into SUB PRIME status because they have missed a payment or two. These people will not be able to mortgatge/remortgage at favourable terms. Does no one remember the crash of 1990? The same old excuses were trotted out then. Lack of affordable housing, pent up demand, etc. When prices start to slide buyers hold back, live with parents etc., and wait...... and wait..... They did that in the early 1990s and they will do that now... My friend has had 2 people to view since Sept 07. 2 people... where is the pent up demand there? Catherine -- left at Tue Dec 04 10:37:23 +0000 2007

* Simon || The libor rate hike will ration all lending -which cannot be a bad thing. However, the basic economics of supply and demand remain the same in the housing market leading to a less marked drop in prices compared with the early 90s. -- left at Fri Dec 14 12:46:25 +0000 2007

* The Flying Baron || Base rates off 1% over next 2 years. LIBOR spread to base rate to increase by 1-2% over the next 2 years. Dodgy brokers get found out for lending those dodgy self cert morgages that allow waiters and barmen to own �500k homes. Whole market is about to fall apart. Self Cert is about to become the UKs version of Sub prime. I think there is about to be a full on economic Death Spiral - and I cannot wait. All those irrelevent buy to let morons are about to get found out! Enjoy the viewing, it is gonna be great! -- left at Tue Dec 18 15:42:10 +0000 2007

* Bodger || I hope you've all read the news story about how the nation's property is now worth 4 trillion pounds, yet there is only 1.2 trillion pounds of mortgage debt. With that kind of equity out there, falling interest rates (including LIBOR - check the papers) and steady employment, I'm afraid the gleeful doom-mongers are going to be disappointed indefinitely. -- left at Sat Jan 12 12:24:29 +0000 2008

* Passenger || Supply and Demand - The UK is not as overcrowded little island as many would have you believe. It is in the interest of House Builders / Estate Agents and lenders to create a false economy stating the Supply and demand cause. Houses prices stay high and the builder makes more profit, the estate agent makes a higher commision and the buyer takes a larger mortgage, paying more to the lender. Interest Rates - Interest rates are still at a relative low- Yes not as low as some point in the last 10 year, but if a .25% raise hits home owners as hard as the media would have you believe they should never have obtained the loan, which leads to the credit crunch / subprime / economy built on debt - anyone with a less than pristine credit history will find mortgages harder to find - gone are the days of a FTB taking a 95% mortgage- this will hit demand. Most FTB have saved for years to buy and have been watching the market and are now expecting a bargain. Just look at the retail sales and how everyone waits for 70% off sales. which leads to the fact that we are on the verge of the start of a potential global recession.... everything is pointing to a crash- of gigantic proportions.... but this will effect more than just house prices. look at CITI who some are expecting to write off $24 billion and byebye 20,000 jobs.... -- left at Mon Jan 14 20:28:11 +0000 2008

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  • 293 Brexit, House prices and Summer 2020

    1. 1. Including the effects Brexit, where do you think average UK house prices will be relative to now in June 2020?

      • down 5% +
      • down 2.5%
      • Even
      • up 2.5%
      • up 5%

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