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Government Propaganda, Er, Data Just Released

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Tuesday March 11, 09:56 AM
UK Jan annual house-price inflation slows to 8.0 pct vs 8.4 in Dec - govt
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LONDON (Thomson Financial) - House-price growth slowed for the third month running in January from December, suggesting a correction in property market values is underway, government figures released today show.
and Local Government said the annual rate of house price inflation in January was 8.0 pct, down from 8.4 pct in December. December's reading was revised down from 9.1 pct.
the average house price in the UK
to 221,758 stg in January
from 218,007 stg in December, which was revised down from 219,591 stg.
In London, annual house-price inflation blah blah blah...../

According too Nulabour house prices are still going up up and away despite:

1. What RICS says

2. Huge drops in new mortage applications

3. Double digit rises in reposessions

4. Total dissapearance of irresponsible loans

5. Consumer sentiment crash

6. 5 months in a row of falling prices according to VI Nationwide

7. The worst credit cris since the Great Depression

8. Haemoraging City jobs

9. Rising IR for home loans

10. The start of EAs going out of business

11. The lack of any evidence that prices are going anywhere other than down.

12. Etc.

But then again this data is lagging by about 6 months so its worthless propaganda to release just before budget day so that U-turn Ali, on Gordon's behalf, can add rising house prices to the other "good news" about the miracle economy.

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That is amazing. Surely they must have some basis for these figures, do you know how they calculate these???

How convenient on budget week ;)

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The ultimate lagging data bringing in activity from the Autumn of 2006 on the YOY.Nevertheless the jump MOM is a little surprising.One for the Express,I would imagine.

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Guest DissipatedYouthIsValuable

I wouldn't piss on most MPs* if they were on fire.


Edited by DissipatedYouthIsValuable

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You don't need an excuse to do it.

Which bit-set 'em on fire or peesh on them? :unsure:

Anyway, little 'joke de joeur' for you: What do you do if you see Gordon Brown running around with half a head?......





........stop laughing and reload :)

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I'd have thought they'd be quite keen to see HPI drop so they can sneak it into the CPI basket.

Cheating feckers.

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