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Hoaxer Sparks Housing Fears : Portsmouth News

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Apparently some scally has been worrying the natives down my way by posting notices on lamp posts outlining the proposed development of a greenfield site by erection of 600 new "units".

Housing plan fears sparked by hoaxer

There are many ways to view this.

1 . The obvious way : - this is a person trying to collapse house prices, hoping that mud will stick.

2 . The counter obvious way : - this is a person hoping to elicit a public declaration from the council of a contrary nature, thus supporting prices.

3 . The between the lines way : - this is a leak intended to garner opinion for plans the council secretly have.

4 . The business approach : - this is a developer trying to see where he should buy land based on the amount of public objection to proposals.

5 . The party political approach : - this creates an opportunity for local politicians to publicly declare their support for home owners interest and gain votes in the May locals.

If 1, the perp certainly didn't count on councillors immediate rallying to the housing cause. In the hard copy Cllr Walker declares:

"We have got a 7 year land supply, and it's highly unlikely that any large sites will be included."

- why should they - they are garden grabbing like fury!

If the truth lies somewhere between 3 and 5 it would make dynamite journalism, but I'm f*cked if I know where to start digging. Interesting story, nevertheless.

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