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Not Long Now

Sunday Times Money - Piers Morgan..

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Now I've never had a great deal of time for the man.


After reading this, I think he's an even bigger buffoon:-

I also own a studio flat on the river near Chelsea Harbour. I’ve had that for about four-and-a-half years. I paid about £550,000, which included £50,000 worth of furnishing. It’s probably only worth around £550,000 now without the furnishing.

....and then goes onto say...

What’s better – property or pension? I have a couple of pensions from my newspaper days, but certainly not enough to live off. I don’t pay into a pension anymore. I see property as a safer long-term investment. I think there’s going to be a correction more than a crash in the property market, but I think in places like London, there’s always going to be high demand.

A correction rather than a crash?? I wonder how much his studio in Chelsea Harbour will "correct" :lol:

He seems to be a financial basket case!

Do you manage your own financial affairs? No, I leave it all in the capable hands of my PA, and my long-term (and long-suffering) accountant.

...ah, that would be the reason why then. I wonder if his PA first advised he get the place in Chelsea Harbour ;)

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He is an idiot. Paid to say stuff maybe? this will be his real pension. Sheeple probably listen to him because he fits the bill of ordinary boy with a bit of dosh, and a level of celebrity? Most sheeple seem to aspire to this now. Hopefully he will come clean when he takes large losses putting the sheeple off property "investment" for a decade or so.

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I've heard him beating this drum on Question Time before. He's going to be a casualty of HPC I certainly won't be lamenting.

He's certainly been roped in by the "house prices only go up" brigade.

Take a look at his other "investments". Losing a bucket load of money on Viglen Shares, and then some failed publication which lost him 250k after some of his "mates" turned him over.

I get the feeling that when this guy meets a salesman of any desciption, the salesman in questions starts to plan his next sportscar purchase on the commision before Morgan has even got through the door.

I suppose thats down to his past in Newspapers. Happy to believe a good story, even if the facts don't really back it up.

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