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Well, the world of Moo's missus anyway, mostly...

One's other half works for a company who supply (legally) essential items to the commercial property trade. It's stuff that's needed in refits and new builds. It's not a price sensitive product, as you've basically got to have it. Put quite simply, they are absolutely dead. The only activity in the office is the occasional staff member dying of boredom. Not going to give figures, but suffice to say that had their sales dropped off (since last Autumn 07) at the same rate as mortgage approvals, they'd be in a better position. Commercial property is, as far as they can see, completely and utterly dead.

Aaaand, her place manufactures a few lines in China. Again, don't want to give the company away, but their cost increase at the Chinese setup (Xmas 06 to Xmas 08) was... *cough* 66%, split about 50/50 between labour and raw mats. If she tells me "China ain't as cheap as it used to be" one more time, I'll, erm, post it here again, probably.

Okay, they aren't that exciting with direct reference to residential property, but they floateth my boat as I've got serious "personal VI" in both a residential and commercial crash*.

* Commercial crash note : We're after a smallish (5-6 bods worth) and SECURE (very important) office in the south or west Surrey areas, and we don't want to pay total genital-swallower money for it. Rentals are moving the right way, but they're not there yet. Happy to wait, but my God I can't wait for commercial to bottom out.

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