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I'll go 450 this week

Since it can't be much fun being the only one playing I'll have a go at 570. Increasing numbers of house reductions based on the increasing gloom. 'couse now the sun has made an appearance I could be totally wrong and prices (asking) will be up up up across the board (at risk of being made unemployed? Add an extra 50k to the house price...).

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Reductions picking up here. (but may not dent overall figures as long overdue)

Got a months worth today. Know for a fact one of the two main EA's is making the 'difficult calls'. One recipient not pleased and will bulldoze the house first (on currently at twice RV). Reality seems to be starting to ripple up, slowly, into mid market £150k to £250k. Interesting to see if localised or regional.

Another smaller EA (in terms of presence here, but a major regional presence) player from outside the area has recently taken over several properties from local (useless) EA's and aggressively cut prices (to around RV, so not difficult). One from £210k to £139k, another from £105k to £49k.

Mate (brickie) getting repoed in next 10 days.

Friend renting, Businessman Landlord bankrupt, friend moving, bank getting house.

Colleague told last year £85k mort would be no problem - told last wk £45k was the limit - only thing changed, another sprog due.

Friend (in 40s) laid off last yr skilled and qualified, not a sniff of a job yet.

Mate works in a quango, not civil service or local govt, told losing £35 per month from next month on for pension with more to follow next yr and yr after.

Don't know anyone involved in the 16 hr - 24 hr tax credit cuts but fully expect media to pick up on this in the next few days - can't see it bedding in quietly.

And, at the same time, the reassuring thud of rate bills echoes all over the country. The two 'free' months for installment payers gone for another year.

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Interesting thanks. I'm not seeing the old mid range shifting price yet in fact there seems to be nothing happening at all. Sorry to hear about your friend - know what it's like to be redundant for a year. Not good for self esteem.

It's only a handful, literally, and of those they are mainly the older type, someone has died and a little modernisation needed. Prices on these few are reducing but very laggy and still a min of RV + 20% after reductions and sometimes after 2 or 3 yrs at higher prices. More and more supply arrives as the months pass, and the new EA may be ruffling a few feathers.

It is by no measure a sea change but I thought I'd mention it, in relation to my narrow area, for completeness. So in the main I still agree with what you say, and have stated this myself, but I think a thaw may be on the way. If and when the dam bursts, I'll be the first to let you know!

Plenty of ex NIHE for RV and below though - I think a few of the amateurs are either getting out or being booted out. Can't be long now till this filters up.

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Sad news folks - this is the last available report. It was good while it lasted.

We are no longer updating this website. Should you have any interest in accessing our data on a commercial basis please contact us.


a wee bonus

results up for this week


545 drops

-11 million


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