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What's the betting that we see more of these bigger drops? I really do think we are on the next leg down. The new reality seems to be slowly dawning. Most people (including me) are fearful about what's about to happen to public sector jobs.

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I hope they go for early retirement and wastage first. There must be people who would be glad to work part-time and save on child care costs and claim tax credits.

Its more likely that the public sector will attempt to use a freeze on recruitment and redeployment to manage budget reductions. Its not as if this is likely to come as a big shock, so I would have expected HR planning in the large Departments to have been building flexibility in their staffing arrangements for some time now by taking on temps and using agencies rather than hiring. Early retirement tends to be more attractive for senior management who can afford not to be in full time work or have other opportunities for employment in the private sector. It will depend a lot on age profile and expected natural wastage but the scale of the budget reductions required will not be easily managed over the longer term after the low fruit has been picked in the first couple of years.

I would agree that the recent stats on the reductions and nos. of listings seem to have broken out of the normal pattern suggesting a step change in the local market. It will be interesting to see what reaction if any there will be after the election and again after the first budget.

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Bobby, on noticing your new sig I couldnt help but notice you gave the hosp trust manager a respectable sum but left out all the real health workers. :(

headmelter. the sig is there to show where our great leader gordon has his priorities. i am a believer in a small state where the government is there to allocate resources for schools/hospitals/education/defence etc , not the bloated public sector we have today.

personally was it me i would be sacking HUGE numbers of highly paid public sector workers ( eg Colin the Hospital Trust manager , Philip the Quango man and Clive the Council Manager ) to protect as many of the jobs of ordinary nurses / teachers etc

good to see the treesdontgrow numbers are holding up at these higher numbers of weekly declines

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