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ok folks Wednesday's lottery numbers will be....3, 13, 16, 22,35 and 44 :lol:

You never know, those could be the numbers, and you could be a millionaire!

And with those millions, you MIGHT just be able to afford a 3 bed flat in Portstewart LOL

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840 - looks like I win! :) Was it really about 1100 earlier? Pod was close too


What should I do with my fantasy property?

I shall auction it off for charity! Reserve - one dollar!

Any takers? Do I hear 1 euro?

Oh bugger - I'll just burn it down for the insurance - wait a minute, did someone do that already?

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OK Peeps, lets have some guesses for this weekend coming!

Winners so far:

Subby 8th March

Vespasian 15th March

Not only could you join the hall of fame, but pick up a fantasy property from the delights of the EXTREMELY GOOD VALUE1 Northern Ireland property market. As you know, PROPERTY PRICES ONLY EVER GO UP2 so next week your fantasy property could be worth more fantasy cash



2 Meadowvale Crescent, BANGOR, Co Down, BT19 1HQ

Type S(h)ITE

Bedrooms 0

Reception 0


£ 70,000

EUR 103,622*

US$ 142,163


* popular residential area

* offers subject to planning considered

* Trampoline


This is a corner side garden which is for sale with no planning permission. Our clients are prepared to consider offers subject to planning

1 Belfast Telegraph 2005-2008 Carson et al

2 Mister Watson

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