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The Ayatollah Buggeri

Blatant Nulab Cheerleading On The Bbc Just Now

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Feature item on 'The World Tonight' just finished: trailed as 'investigating' poverty and inequality in modern Britain. Argued that the middle classes who whine that their standard of living is declining are only doing so because they're comparing themselves with the top 0.5% super-rich (making this point, via a LSE prof/NuLab pet troll, was clearly the Beeb's idea of 'balancing' the piece), and that if they compared their standard of living with that of ten years ago, 'no-one could deny that most people are a lot better off'.

After the infamous Radio Five admission that Champagne bottles were strewn all over Broadcasting House on the morning after the '97 election, I thought that there was nothing left to shock me about the BBC's political bias anymore. But they've obviously realised how black things look for the economy and that Cameron's chances of being able to pin the blame on Brown are looking feasible to good, and have decided that very drastic action is needed.

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Shame the vast majority of the country missed the programme, as they were working in their second job to pay the council tax on their rented one bedroom flat. Of course they are the lucky ones, "The Middle Classes" the unlucky ones were unemployed, watching Sky Sports, and pissing it up in the front room of their four bed Social House all expenses paid while Buster the Pit Bull Terrier was outside ripping the faces off of small children.

Progress, may we all thank God for New Labour ?

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