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Sheer Heart Attack

I Love Gordon Brown And His Approach To Businesses & House Prices

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An escalating burden

Written by Dr Eamonn Butler for the Adam Smith Institute

Wednesday, 05 March 2008

The UK's new 'Department of Business and Regulatory Reform' isn't exactly living up to its name. New figures from the British Chambers of Commerce show that the cost of regulation on Britain's businesses has risen more than £10 billion (yes, billion) from last year, to a staggering £65.99 billion...

There's data production, groundworks regulation, working time regulations, student loan rules, part-time worker initiatives and flexible working shemes, the stakeholder and occupational pensions rules, disability law, buildings regulations, use of animal by-products, water use and environmental regulation, new financial accounting, corporate responsibility requirements, working at height codes, and innumerable others.

It's not really a burdens barometer, it's a burdens escalator, because the Chambers' bar-chart shows a steadily increasing burden, up from a 'mere' £10 billion in 2001 to more than six times that today.

Often, there is only one way to 'reform' things. That is to pick your target and focus on achieving that. With the whole emerging world eager to compete with us, we need to make sure that we don't regulate (and add cost to our business base) unless we really need to. Sure, we should lead the world in having high production standards. But you can do that without smothering yourself in red tape.

Don't you love this government?

They've created a tsunami of debt-created growth on the back of house prices, locking a generation out of home ownership.

They've allowed Britain to be the new home to 2 million economic migrants, creating wage deflation, strained public services and a massive capital outflow.

The public sector has mushroomed in size and expense beyond belief with armies of non-jobbers and telephone hotlines set up so that sheeple can report sheeple.

They busted the bank and took us into 2 wars we can never win.

They've mortgaged our future on the first of possibly many failed banks with their macho politicking.

And, perhaps their greatest achievement? Businesses, who create wealth and employ people, have seen their regulatory burdens shoot from £10bn to £65bn in 7 years. That's right, the businesses who pay for anything are getting shafted too.

Am I the only one a little upset by their achievements? Are there any achievements you think are worthy of note as well?

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Personally I think our flag is offensive and unrepresentative of modern Britain's centrally planned economy. I suggest something more appropriate.


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I've said this before but its going to take at least 30 years to repair the damage that Labour have done to this country, and we dont have 30 years.

This lot must be removed from power at the earliest opportunity and hopefully given such a bashing that they'll be out of power for a lot longer than the 17 years the last time they f***ed the country up.

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YOU may blame one person or one goverment, but we are all to blame, this time we are ALL going to suffer, rich, poor, young, old, renting, buying, bought. Even if you have money saved, It will be worthless, (buy gold) People have never learn't from the past, So it makes no difference who's in power.

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Please God send us an Evelyn Waugh type 2 to satirise this b'stard Govt!

All we've got in the creative fields are Left wing lickspittles who vote Labour, can't prounounce their T's, R's (and say Haytch instead of Aitch)

Mr Parkinson and his law of work was 100% correct, guaranteed.

A govt dept to reduce red tape - I daresay growing in size by about 10% every year.

A growing business? Yes I have it - Holidays in the UK for the new Chinese middle class.

UK plc - ****'ed

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