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Today Mp’s Vote On If We Get A Say In Joining Europe

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Personally I believe we would be better off joining Europe but that’s not the point and if people continue to act like sheep and be dictated to but a bunch of corrupt MP’s that have been allowed to become a power unto themselves then the British public deserve all they get.

What I do know is Brown and Co are always making unpopular changes and then blaming it on Brussels and yet no one else in Europe is force to adopt all the changes and many laws are simply ignored.

This is not what I call a democracy

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lib dems asked for a vote to decide if they should vote to have this vote :ph34r:

dont they also vote on their own pay?

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Well by a huge majority our beloved MP’s have decide that they don’t care what the public think about having a say in surrendering our powers to Europe and this becomes total discontent when are the public were promised a vote on any new EU constitution.

A few MP’s we up in my book yesterday by resigning over this issue and I would like to see the other trying to canvas my vote at the next election when they have denied the public a right to vote on something that will effect us all long after the current crop of MP’s are in their coffins.

The real sad thing is how so few members of the public even care that they have denied the vote and I pity these people even if it’s the majority of the general public.

You will wake up one day with a RFID fitted and wonder why you are being worked to death in an open concentration camp.

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