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Cbi Ask Northern Rocks Mpc To Cut Interest Rates

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The CBI are requesting that Northern Rock cut the base rate on Thursday when the MPC meet to decide whether to reign in inflation, or push inflation up by lowering interest rates.

The five Golden Rules are long gone, with over 100bn of public debt taken on since the Governments aquisition and Nationalisation of Northern Rock Bank.

Northern Rock is expected to cut interest rates, and instruct other banks to follow suit. Head of the Northern Rock Bank, Gordon Brown, is expected to lift the bar and lower interest rates in an attempt to hide the Governments inability to manage anything financial, unless it involves spending, or taxation.

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Chief Economist at Northern Rock bank, Arthur Scargill, told reporters that workers should be given 100% pay increases too. He said, since he last boosted wages by 50% the evil capitalists had raised prices by 50% and the pound had collapsed, further boosting import prices. After speaking to external economics consultant Robert Mugabe, Scargill recommends increasing the money supply to pay the extra wages.

Danny Blanchflower, deputy governor of Northern Rock, said it would make people happy and that's what mattered. When asked about the inflation target, he said "Sorry? I don't understand you."

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Anyone remember the story about the ex-CEO of NR having paid himself an" exit bonus" immediately before Gordon took over the liabilities of the bank. He bought his wife a country hice* and himself a F60 Ferrari with the detuned 830bhp "GT" engine.

We are in an era of such rampant corruption and government incompetance that nothing raises eyebrows anymore.

No wonder its all falling apart. Salvage what you can folks.


* A "hice" has at least 10 bedrooms, otherwise its just a house.

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Anyone remember Tony Blair being hired by Price Waterhouse Cooper to broker a deal with Northern Rock to take sell the triple A rated loans to PWC at a firesale price ?

And just days before it was announced unofficially that NR would be nationalised.

Messrs Enron Blair and Brown should be arrested immediately ?

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