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Calling Precious Metal Traders?

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let's up the discussion a notch or two. eg compare trading strategies, techincals, fundamentals, macro influences etc.

No they all gone.

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Precious metal prices are suffering from general risk aversion. Volatility is gapping higher and players lacking the stomach are throwing in the towel. At times like these it's best to switch off and come back in a few weeks.


Gold price action is very poor, underperforming crude oil. The path to $1000 (it will come) will be a straight line $20 move. Keep an eye on Gold priced in euros. I think 627 is a good place to set longs and above 650 indicates we're off to the races again.


Silver is outperforming gold. The price ratio is hovering just above the critical 45 level. Below that and silver will target $30 fast.


Has broken down below $2150 and should sink below $2000 with Eskom increasing the allocation of power to mines from 90 to 95%. Catching a falling knife this one.


No real story of it's own other that the substituion story so will follow Pt lower.

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