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Central Bankers Fueling Global Commodity Inflation

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Central bankers and finance ministers from the world’s top-10 economic powers huddled behind closed doors in Tokyo last weekend, trying to work out a joint strategy to rescue the global stock markets from another possible meltdown. Roughly $6-trillion was lost on global stock markets in the month of January, triggered by the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, and a US housing slide, that could topple the giant US economy into recession.


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You have to love this bit:

"Other weapons in the G-7’s arsenal to counter a bear market for equities include brainwashing investors through the media, fudging economic and inflation data, inflating the money supply, managing the “yen carry” trade, and outright intervention in stock index futures, championed by the US “Plunge Protection Team.”"

In other words, any manipulative, underhand, dirty, nefarious action that can be imagined.

Entirely legal when done by the G7 CBs but if Joe Bloggs tried any of these tactics he'd instantly lose his job and likely end up in prison. As I've said many times before - there's one law for our rulers and another for the plebs. These bankers and government ministers are like cornered rats - don't think that anything is too immoral to be countenanced. In fact, imagine the worst, most immoral action that could be taken to save their skins and you'll probably be right. Confiscation of gold? Almost inevitable. Trash savings? Absolutely! Bail out debtors in return for a lifetime government yoke? You bet - serfdom here we come.

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Bailing out bad companies damages good ones, making them less attractive as an investment and causing investors to bail in the face of inflation and move their money to somewhere where normal earnings are not blighted by monetary policy.

If this s a plan to "save" stock markets it is entirely feasible that it will have the opposite effect.

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