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The Gold Thread

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Many of you might have noticed that the Gold thread, which was by far the most popular thread on HPC thanks to our gold ramping friends, has been moved by the mods to the Metals forum today. The gold rampers have been suitably disgusted and appalled by the move and many have even threatened to leave the forum as a result (I doubt it though).They argue that rise of commodities reflects the current precarious state of the global economy post credit crunch and metal prices, gold in particular, are therefore directy relevant to house prices. Their detractors feel that the Gold thread only serves to massage the egos of those who have invested heavily in the yellow metal and is not of any interest to most members on the forum. The discussion has lead to a lot of bad blood on the forum and vague threats directed at Oldie, the mod who moved the thread. In the best democratic traditions of this country, I propose a poll on this matter and hope that the mods would take notice of the result and act accordingly..

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We need to ramp more so I can cash out and put a nice big deposit down on my FTB house. Its that simple.

I ll thank the forum when 1oz can buy 10% of a 2up2 down.

The gold thread is relevant to House prices. Gold is arguably more stable than the pound for the forseable future. It is also a better measure of value. I have been charting the price of houses (Nationwide index) against the price of Gold (in £ sterling) since June 2007. The last time I looked, House prices had fallen by 35% against gold since last June.

Houses might have started to decline in £ terms but most other things have risen against the £ (fuel, motoring costs, food, etc.).

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